Is an erotic salon legal?

Erotic massage salon in Geneva

Regulation in Switzerland

In Switzerland, anyone is free to engage in prostitution or to run a prostitution-related establishment under certain conditions. Economic freedom, the free availability of one's body and, above all, the desire to legislate against an activity that is impossible to eradicate have led the Canton of Geneva to adopt regulations on the subject. Erotic massage parlours, FKK saunas, contact bars and erotic cabarets are therefore legal if they comply with the law. Establishments and persons engaged in prostitution must register with the authorities for better control. Sex workers are free and independent, in all cases this profession must be voluntary. Sex workers must pay taxes and contribute to social insurance. The association ASPASIE fights against trafficking and defends the rights of sex workers and the Brigade des Moeurs prevents all forms of exploitation and pimping.

How does Felina operate?

At Felina, we believe that these standards guarantee safety for escorts, clients and the general public. Our aim will always be to respect sex workers and to keep our business discreet. As a Geneva erotic massage parlour, we apply to the letter the LPROST law regulating prostitution-related establishments.

We meet all the requirements for organising quality intimate encounters between consenting adults, in accordance with the law. Come to Felina Geneva without any commitment and meet the most beautiful escorts in Geneva.

The ladies who work with us offer all kinds of services, from escort services to sexual services: erotic massage, GFE, oral sex, real fellatio, anal sex, threesomes and much more.

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Avenue de la Grenade, 16 B
Quartier des Eaux-Vives
1207 Genève

Near Jet d'Eau and Parc la Grange

> By car: easy access, easy and free parking in the street for 1 hour (motorists must have a parking disc on the windshield, indicating the time of arrival). Free parking from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and on public holidays.

> By bus: very fast in Geneva, lines 2, 6, E and G: stop "Vollandes".

> On foot: 12 minutes from the center (from rue du Rhône).