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In sexual terms, submission refers to a sexual practice within BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, and domination) and is carried out in conjunction with domination. Those who are practitioners of this type of erotic fantasies, find extreme pleasure in feeling dominant over another person, in the case of the master/dominant, and that this person acts according to their will, as in the case of the submissive/dominated role.

In this sexual practice, as in any other, there must be good communication and consensus. It is important to establish the limits before starting. Physical contact such as spanking or whipping is not an essential requirement for the dominant role, although it is common for couples to include it. In any case, it is recommended that the submissive have a safe word that they can use at any time so that the dominant stops the act immediately.

Below, you will find the best submissive escorts in Geneva ready to fulfill your erotic fantasies.

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ESCORTS FOR Submission in Geneva

Recommendations to practice BDSM with submissive escorts in Geneva

When playing dominance and submission games, we recommend keeping the following in mind:

  • Be completely sure that both participants will do so voluntarily without feeling obligated or pressured.

  • Agree on the practices to be carried out and how far to go, establishing limits before starting the practice.

  • Establish a safe word that allows you to interrupt immediately the sexual act. It is recommended that it be short, easy to remember, and quickly pronounced, such as the word “stop”.

Dates with submissive call girls in Geneva

If you are looking to have a sexual encounter with submissive escorts in Geneva, you are in the right place. At Felina Genève you will be able to find the best girls willing to adapt the role of the submissive in an erotic sado or light sado encounter where the intensity is usually very light, above all, a role-play and attitude rather than physical contact.

Felina Genève's submissive escorts are ideal for those looking to get started in submission and domination. If you wish to request more information about this service or prefer to schedule a reservation with a submissive escort, you can contact us by phone at +41 78 238 28 74 or write us an email at info@felinageneve.com.





At 5 minutes from downtown and only 15 minutes from the airport.


Easy access, easy and free parking in the street for 1 hour (motorists must have a parking disc on the windshield, indicating the time of arrival). Free parking from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and on public holidays.


Very fast in Geneva, lines 2, 6, E and G: stop


At 12 minutes from the city center (from Rue du Rhône).

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All the ladies who collaborate with us freely determine the rates at which they offer their services as companions and/or escort girls in Geneva. We recommend that you contact us; the manager will inform you of the prices of each escort you are interested in.

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