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Kisses can be defined as the act of pressing the lips against any kind of object, usually on the skin or lips of another person, as a social expression of affection, respect or love. Kisses in the human species are usually used mainly in the ritual of courtship or in displays of affection towards another individual. Sex without kisses loses genuineness and authenticity. For this reason, there are many clients who, when requesting the sexual services of an escort, not only settle for sex but want her to kiss them like a true lover.

The kiss of an escort is a pleasant act in which a lady is follows her instincts and joins her lips with the client's lips in an expression of passion and sweetness. The contact of the lips provides a brain stimulation that releases adrenaline, oxytocin and dopamine causing an extra dose of physical stimuli. There are countless nerve endings that generate a sexual response in our body. In addition, kisses activate our sense of taste, smell and touch. All this implies greater sexual arousal and allows you to experience an orgasm at its best.

Discreet luxury escort for kissing in Felina Genève brothel

ESCORTS FOR Kisses in Geneva

Types of kisses

For many men, the perfect kiss is a hot, wet kiss that arouses their purest sexual desire. This type of kiss is performed with the mouth wide open, it is wet and with a lot of saliva, providing an immediate erection. The more heated the kiss is, the more sexual intentions it will arouse.

For women, on the other hand, the ideal kiss is full of passion, deep, and full of emotions. Applied in sexual intercourse, these kisses are usually accompanied by bites and body caresses, which cause an increase in sexual desire and an emotional connection.

There are many types of kisses and each of them produces different sensations. Some of them are:

  • Kiss in the mouth. In this kiss, the lips of the couple meet, expressing affection and passion.

  • Blowjob kiss. In this kiss, the mouth is opened and the tongues come into contact. It is ideal for foreplay.

  • Wild kiss. This kiss consists of lightly biting the lip causing an immediate response in the body, being a good erotic component.

  • Erotic kiss. In this kiss, the tongue plays inside the partner's mouth, making movements in a circle or sticking the tongue in and out as if you were having sex.

  • Kiss on the chest. This kiss is given on the nipples, a highly erogenous zone, gently, alternating the tongue with the lips.

  • Kiss on the feet. This kiss is a sexual fetish as kissing the feet, caressing them or sucking on them can be very arousing.

  • Black kiss. This kiss consists of performing oral sex on the anus.

  • White kiss. This kiss is given after ejaculation, keeping the semen in the mouth and passing it through a kiss to the partner.

Escorts who kiss at Felina Genève

The escorts who perform the kissing service are often related to the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service, where the escort acts as if she were the client's girlfriend or partner. It is a service for the most romantic, those who want a sweet and pleasant girl who makes them feel as if they have known each other for a lifetime, with whom they share much more than pure sexual instinct. Although the escorts who offer the GFE service almost always give kisses in their encounters, not all of those who give them offer the girlfriend experience service.

The escorts who give kisses on the mouth at Felina Genève are very varied, as are the kisses they give their clients. They can be romantic kisses if the girl is tender and sweet, heated and morbid kisses like a real Pornstar, or they can be "peck" type kisses without much feeling. Therefore, we always recommend that you consult with the person in charge to make the right choice of escort according to the preferences of each client.

In all cases, the escorts who offer the Kisses service on their profile do not charge the client any extra money for it, since they normally include it in their standard rate. It is also worth mentioning that, although the lady's profile may indicate that she performs the kisses service, she is always the one who has the last word when it comes to offering it. There are cases in which escorts usually refuse to give kisses on the mouth: lack of oral hygiene, halitosis problems, being a smoker, mouth injuries, or the possibility of being a carrier of a contagious disease.

In the case of wanting to kiss the escort, it is very important to have good oral hygiene, for this reason, in the Felina Genève facilities you will be able to find mouthwashes with which you will be able to do an oral cleaning before your encounter with the ladies.

For more information about the escorts who give kisses at Felina Genève, you can contact us through our contact form and we will inform you of everything.





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All the ladies who collaborate with us freely determine the rates at which they offer their services as companions and/or escort girls in Geneva. We recommend that you contact us; the manager will inform you of the prices of each escort you are interested in.

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