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Sexual fetishes are different objects or actions through which fetishists achieve orgasm or become aroused, such as a particular item of clothing or body part. Fetishism is considered a harmless practice as long as it does not cause discomfort to the person who suffers from it or to third parties.

Sex toys made for stimulation and arousal during sexual intercourse are not considered fetishes. Sexual fetishes can be panties or thongs, bras, gloves, shoes, feet, and elbows. Although these objects may be arousing to many people because they project a mental image of a person's body, to the fetishist the object is far more arousing than the person itself. During sexual intercourse, the fetishist usually rubs the object on his genitals and smells it while he is excited and stimulated.

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What are sexual fetishes?

The most common sexual fetishes which do not imply a disorder are usually:

- Fetishism for clothing items: It is very common to feel excited by certain items of clothing that are reminiscent of other roles, such as erotic costumes, whether they are sexy nurses, authoritarian police officers or rebellious schoolgirls. There are certain people who feel a special devotion to everyday clothing and that the object itself causes them even more excitement than the person who wears it. Some fetish garments can be bras, thongs or simply aprons.

Another widespread fetish in clothing is the fetish for latex, since feeling the material, caressing it or simply smelling it can bring the person to climax.

- Foot fetish: Many people feel a special adoration for the feet, which are usually also high heel shoe fetishists. Most foot fetishists are usually men who get turned on just by looking at them. In general, they like to smell, lick or look at feet and require some interaction with the foot to experience orgasm or sexual satisfaction, such as footjob. It is a very common fetish and, in fact, some celebrities such as Marilyn Manson, Andy Warhol, Christian Slater and Quentin Tarantino have a foot fetish.

- Hair: Hair is another popular fetish. Either in a braid or a ponytail on a blonde woman or a brunette girl, depending on the preferences of the person. The sensuality of hair works for many men in many ways and is very widespread in our society. Long hair has always been a symbol of eroticism and sensuality. A fetish that most men have for women.

- Body piercings: This is a very popular fetish and includes all kinds of piercings, from pierced navels to eyebrows, tongues and nipples. Just seeing a person with piercings can be enough to turn you on, but so can the feeling of a cold, metallic object against your body.

The sexual fetishes that we can find are very varied and diverse and, although sometimes it is a taboo subject in society, as long as it allows the person to develop a normal life, they can be introduced in the sexual relationship.

Escorts who fulfill fetishes at Felina Genève

The escorts that can be found at Felina Genève tend to fulfill a wide variety of their clients' fetishes, although as we have mentioned before, the wide variety of existing fetishes makes this service very special. The escorts that appear below are willing to fulfill sexual fantasies with a specific fetish, but not all of them perform all kinds of fetish requests. For this reason, we recommend that the client who wishes to request the Fetiches service speak with the manager about the specific request, and she will be able to recommend the escorts willing to fulfill the fantasy.
Tattooed escort, escort with piercings, blonde, brunette or redheaded escort... the escort of your dreams is bound to be among the wonderful women of Felina Genève.

Some of the fetishes offered by the escorts at Felina Genève are: erotic costumes, fine lingerie, foot fetish, golden shower or even the role of submissive.

For more information or to book the Fetish service with an escort, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.





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