There are rules that we ask all our clients to respect. Please take a few minutes to review them before meeting with one of the escorts who work at our brothel.

When you meet an escort at Felina Genève

  • Be polite and respect her as a woman.
  • In order to have a nice and free-flowing date, let her know your needs, preferences and the things you want to avoid. The ladies must be informed so as to be able to provide you with a nice service.
  • Take a shower and make sure you soap and wash your erogenous zones thoroughly. If a lady comes to your house, it would be good to have a towel and soap for her.
  • Do not drink too much alcohol or take any drugs. Alcohol and drugs affect your judgment and can make you lose control. Aggressive behavior is not acceptable in any case.
  • Be clear about the sexual or partner service you desire and the amount of money you have at your disposal.
  • Pay in advance and try to not give the escort a chance to ask for it. Be discreet, for both your and our safety. Please remember that the prices fixed by the escorts are not negotiable.
  • Respect the agreed time limit. If you want to extend the time, renegotiate the price with the escort. If the escort does not adhere to the agreed time limit, kindly let the receptionist know the same so that she can talk it out with her.
  • Have condoms and water-based lubricants with you. The escorts generally carry their own with them and have all the needed stuff at Felina Genève. However, when the service is provided at another place, it is always nice to have them with yourself, just in case.
  • The use of condom is not negotiable. They are used for your as well as the escort’s protection. They are as necessary in oral sex as in vaginal or anal sex.
  • Be precise while describing what you want in your sexual relationship. “Hard/soft”, “Fast/slow” are expressions whose meanings vary from one person to the other.
  • If you want to have an erotic conversation or talk dirty or use certain words during the service, discuss this with the lady at the beginning. It is essential to come to an agreement with the lady about the use of these words and to respect her decision and her limits. Ladies may be comfortable with some things and not with others.
  • Remember that the escorts are human beings like everybody else and deserve the same respect as anyone and you yourself. No disrespect towards the ladies or the employees of Felina Genève will be allowed.
  • Give them the same respect you give yourself and others.
  • Be natural and be yourself. The relationships between the customer and the escort are based on mutual trust. Do not worry if you have lack of experience. The ladies are very professional and will help you out with everything they can. Let them know your desires and limits without any taboos, and they will fulfill your fantasy.
  • Never take anything for granted. It is best to talk it out. Feel free to ask.
  • It is absolutely unacceptable to be disrespectful, aggressive and violent with any lady. These behaviors amount to aggressions: criminal offenses punishable by Law.