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Male oral sex or also called blowjob is one of the most exciting and recurrent preliminaries during sex. It consists of the stimulation of the glans and penis using the mouth, either with the tongue or the lips. There are different techniques to perform a good fellatio, one of the most common is to start by gently stroking the penis and glans with your mouth and increase the intensity as the erection increases.

Other popular techniques involve slowly inserting the penis into your mouth and quickly pulling it out, or gently smacking your cheeks with it. It is also very common to stimulate the anal area during fellatio to achieve greater excitement.

On this page, you will see a list of all the escorts for oral sex that collaborate with Felina Genève. Many of them do it with a condom and others perform it without one. Whatever your preference, we recommend that you ask the lady.

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Escorts for female oral sex

Just as we talk about male oral sex, we also talk about female oral sex also known as cunnilingus.

Cunnilingus is the stimulation of the vaginal lips, vagina and clitoris through the lips, tongue and mouth. As in male oral sex, the stimulation increases depending on the degree of arousal of the person who receives it. Most women like to receive oral sex, since it makes it easier for them to reach an orgasm, but it must be taken into account that the vaginal area is very sensitive, so one must start slowly so as not to hurt the girl and gradually increase the intensity little by little while the other erogenous zones are stimulated.

Types of oral sex at Felina Genève

In the jargon of luxury prostitution you can find different variations of oral sex, some of the most requested by clients are the following:

  • Cum in face (CIF): It consists of a blowjob service with or without a condom, in which ejaculation is propitiated on the face of the escort. There is also body ejaculation in which the ejaculation occurs in any part of the escort's body.
  • Cum in mouth blowjob: In this type of blowjob, the man ejaculates inside the escort's mouth. If done with a condom, it can be removed just before reaching orgasm.
  • OWO: It is the type of oral sex that is performed without a condom. It is always important to ask the lady before requesting this service.
  • Deepthroat: This is the type of blowjob, with or without a condom, in which the escort completely introduces the man's penis into her mouth.
  • 69: one of the best-known sexual positions, in which the woman and the man perform oral sex at the same time.

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